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Montgomery County Hospitals: Opening Gala – June 27, 2019

Our newest exhibition at the Historical Society of Montgomery County will focus on hospitals and healthcare in Montgomery County. Hospitals are a common site throughout Montgomery County, but that was not always the case. From local doctors, to Almshouses, and nonprofit organizations, the way we treat the sick and injured has changed drastically since the founding of the county. In this exhibit, we will explore how hospitals and medical treatments have evolved and impacted the community.

The exhibit will be located at our site at 1654 DeKalb Street in Norristown, PA. We will have an opening catered gala for this exhibition on June 27, 2019. The exhibit will open to the public on Monday July 1, 2019 and run until February 1, 2020.

There will be a special exhibit opening on June 27, 2019, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Tickets to the exhibit opening are $40.00 per person. Please call 610-272-0297 for tickets.

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