Encyclopedia of the Underground Railroad - by J. Blaine Hudson

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This volume brings together for the first time the array of important "people, ideas, events and places associated with fugitive slaves and the Underground Railroad." Author Hudson, a historian, has written extensively on the subject. The alphabetically arranged entries include the courageous acts of individual slaves as well as the "friend of the fugitive," black and white, North and South.

Remembering Norristown, Stories from the banks of the Schuylkill River – by Stan Huskey


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Local journalist Stan Huskey brings together lively vignettes and fascinating firsthand accounts to introduce such characters as Union general Winfield S. Hancock, hero of Gettysburg, and baseball greats Tommy Lasorda and Mike Piazza. From tales of calamitous train wrecks to the bygone era of streetcars.

America at the Mall, The Cultural Role of a Retail Utopia - by Lisa Scharoun

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America at the Mall traces the history of the mall and its rise and what now seems to be its demise. It looks at how malls were planned and intended to be used and at how they actually have been used. It considers the community aspects of the suburban mall and looks to the future.

Postcard History Series – Southeastern Montgomery County, by Jerry Chiccarine


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This volume by Jerry Chiccarine is a gem for anyone trying to piece together local, small town history. The images complete the picture of a forgotten past.

Lest I shall be Forgotten, Anecdotes and traditions of Quilts – by Nancy & Donald Roan

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Features the best of the Goschenhoppen Quilt round up, 1990-1992.

Penn State Abington and The Ogontz School by Frank D. Quattrone


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An illustrated history of 100 years of education at the campus, "Penn State Abington and the Ogontz School." This pictorial history traces the evolution from a private finishing school for affluent girls to an affordable public college that draws students from 17 states and 29 countries

Pennsylvania Folk Art of Samuel L. Plank

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Pennsylvania Folk Art of Samuel L Plank artfully illustrates & introduces to the reader a little known individual who, through the normal course of his life, left a legacy of artifacts for us to conserve. The artwork he produced has reached a level of importance that recognizes the need for documentation & study.

Images of Rail – Southeastern Pennsylvania Trolleys by Kenneth C. Springirth


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Trolley cars linked the city of Philadelphia to the towns of southeastern Pennsylvania. Using historic photographs and route maps, this book traces history of the trolley cars and their routes.

So Bravely and So Well – The life and Art of William T. Trego by Jospeh P. Eckhardt

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This book contains works of art from a painter who could barely hold a brush. He had to move his entire body to mix his colors. Yet William T. Trego (1858-1909) was a prize-winning artist with an international reputation, and his highly detailed and powerful battle scenes from the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War were widely exhibited and critically acclaimed during the late nineteenth century.

Images of America – Plymouth and Whitemarsh Townships by David R Contosta and Gail C. Momjian


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The Images of America series celebrates the history of neighborhoods and towns across the country. Using Historic photographs, this history of Plymouth and Whitemarsh Townships captures the spirit of the people and the places that made Plymouth and Whitemarsh the towns they are today.