Lest I shall be Forgotten, Anecdotes and traditions of Quilts – by Nancy & Donald Roan

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Features the best of the Goschenhoppen Quilt round up, 1990-1992.

So Bravely and So Well – The life and Art of William T. Trego by Jospeh P. Eckhardt

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This book contains works of art from a painter who could barely hold a brush. He had to move his entire body to mix his colors. Yet William T. Trego (1858-1909) was a prize-winning artist with an international reputation, and his highly detailed and powerful battle scenes from the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War were widely exhibited and critically acclaimed during the late nineteenth century.

Pennsylvania Folk Art of Samuel L. Plank

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Pennsylvania Folk Art of Samuel L Plank artfully illustrates & introduces to the reader a little known individual who, through the normal course of his life, left a legacy of artifacts for us to conserve. The artwork he produced has reached a level of importance that recognizes the need for documentation & study.