The Philadelphia Campaign – Volume II – Germantown and the Roads to Valley Forge – by Thomas J. McGuire

BK085  |  $ 34.95 

sku085 300wIn volume II of the Philadelphia Campaign set, Thomas J McGuire captures the human reality of war. Covering the time period of Late September 1777 through December 1777, McGuire produces 5 emotional chapters; “Jerusalem hath grievously sinned…therefore she came down Wonderfully” - Philadelphia and Germantown, “A devil of a fire upon our front & flank came ding dong about us” – The Battle of Germantown, “Like living in the suburbs of Tophet” – The battle of Red Bank, “The Colours was left flying” – Fort Mifflin, and “I could weep tears of blood” – Whitemarsh and the roads to Valley Forge.

Some copies signed by Thomas J. McGuire