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Merry Christmas!

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As the Historical Society closes for Christmas and New Year’s, I thought I’d share some Christmas cards from our collection.  These cards from the Preston Family Papers.  Mary Krause Preston was an early trustee of the Historical Society of Montgomery County.  Her daughters, Emily and Katharine, continued the family’s involvement.  Katharine was a trustee for over 30 years while Emily served as librarian for ten years until her death in 1942.  They are frequently noted in our records as “The Misses Preston.”

The tag above includes a handwritten Christmas message.  The picture also appears to be hand drawn, perhaps by Katharine.  A remembrance of Katharine printed in the Bulletin after her death in 1952 says, “Her finest effort and greatest joy… was in the painting of small watercolors.”

This card was sent out by the United States Naval Academy.


The Preston sisters lived their entire lives in Norristown.  Their house stood where the annex to the Montgomery County Courthouse now stands.  They were educated at the sort of private girls’ school, Miss Hayman’s, that abounded in the 19th century.  Upon Katharine’s death, many antiques, books, and other items were donated to the Historical Society.

This final card was issued by the People’s Bank of Norristown.  It’s a small envelope, perhaps meant to hold cash.


Everyone at the Historical Society of Montgomery County wishes a merry Christmas and happy new year to all our members!

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