It’s the year 1881, and some leading citizens in Montgomery County gather to ensure that the county’s past history, current activities and future stories are never overlooked. The news around the nation is full of the usual drama, despair and hope: Billy the Kid meets a gruesome end, President James Garfield is assassinated, and Clara Barton establishes the American Red Cross. One hundred years have passed since the Battle of Yorktown ended the Revolutionary War in America and it has been almost that long since Montgomery County separated from Philadelphia County. Everyone is looking forward to the county’s centennial three years hence. For the founders of the Historical Society of Montgomery County, it is an exciting time, not only for the challenge of planning a patriotic celebration but also for the opportunity to keep history alive for current and future generations.

It’s the year 2016, and the Historical Society of Montgomery County is 135 years old. The dreams of the founders have resulted in exceptional archives and remarkable collections that tell the stories of life in Montgomery County, and its place in the world. HSMC’s current Board of Trustees and Staff are proud to be the successors to our visionary colleagues of so many years ago. We all believe strongly that history matters because it is the story of everyone; we know we have our work cut out for us since history continues to be made every day. As we look forward to continuing this exciting work, we are taking a breather to say “Happy Birthday to Us!”

Please use this moment to reflect on how history enriches each of our lives and to contribute whatever you are able to keep history a vibrant part of living in our wonderful county.

Your participation in the 2016—2017 Annual Fund will be the best birthday present ever!