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The Culture of Death: Walking Tour

The Historical Society of Montgomery County will present a walking tour that examines the changing cultural beliefs in America surrounding death and dying.

Nothing is certain except death and taxes. Culturally, however, the American way of death is anything but certain. Over time, popular funeral and burial rituals of have changed dramatically as we have shifted our attitudes towards death.

This special tour of Historic Montgomery Cemetery on September 29, 2022, from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, includes a walking tour of the cemetery that examines how America’s attitudes towards death have changed since early European settlement. The Historical Society’s Executive Director, Barry Rauhauser, will illustrate how global patterns in culture affect the way we view aging and death and look at how some of America’s historical events helped to create a unique American view on death and dying.

With almost 6,000 known burials, Historic Montgomery Cemetery holds the remains of some of the most prominent citizens, veterans, and reformers in the county and nation. From five Civil War generals to many captains of industry, it tells the story of the nation through the lives it represents. The entrance to Montgomery Cemetery is at the end of Hartranft Avenue, off of West Main Street, Norristown. Parking during the event will be made available inside the Cemetery gates.

Tickets for the event are $10.  Tickets are limited so call 610-272-0297 to purchase tickets for this event.