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Lindenwold winter

Lindenwold in the winter

Last summer we received a collection of photos of Lindenwold, the castle-like home of Dr. Richard Mattison. While we had some photographs of the building, both from its time as an asbestos mogul’s home and as a Catholic orphanage, these pictures were interesting because they showed some details of the building’s exterior, as well as interior photos of Mattison in his office.


Dr. Mattison in his office

Another interesting photograph is this one. It’s unlabeled, but it’s possible its Mattison’s more retiring partner, Henry G. Keasbey, but we can’t be sure. Do a Google image search for Henry G. Keasbey and you only get a bunch of pictures of Richard Mattison.



Also included were some photos of Bushy Park, Mattison’s summer home in Newport, Rhode Island. Originally built in 1852, Mattison added a carriage house. The original mansion was torn down in 1939, but the carriage house remains according to this post from the Newport Historical Society from 2015.


Bushy Park, Newport, R.I.


The carriage house built in 1924

Keasbey and Mattison began their partnership in 1873 in Philadelphia to sell patent medicines. Mattison was a pharmacist and Keasbey had money. A few years later, Mattison discovered a way to make asbestos stick to pipes, and the focus of the business changed. It moved out of Philly to Ambler, which became the asbestos capital of the world.

Lindenwold summer

Keasbey retired from any direct involvement with running the company in the 1890’s. Mattison continued to expand. In 1912 he remodeled his home to look more like Windsor castle. But, he over extended in the 1920’s and had to sell the company during the depression. Lindenwold, too, was sold to the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. For many decades the house served as an orphanage, and was famously used for the exterior shots for the movie The Trouble with Angels.

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Today, what remains of the estate is under development as luxury housing.

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