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Children's portraits

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This week, I processed a collection of papers donated by Jean Brown Hall in 1984. The collection has receipts, genealogical research, and many photographs. There’s something arresting about old portraits – the clothing, the hairstyles, the faces themselves are fascinating.   I thought this week, it would be nice to look at some of the pictures of children from this collection of materials from the Jackson, Rutter, Potts, and allied families.


The award for biggest bow ever goes to Katherine Jackson, seen here with her brother Millard, Jr.  Note that both are wearing high button shoes.  Those must have been a struggle to get on.


This cute baby is Charles Rutter Campbell of Pottstown.  Below is the same boy at 3 years and 3 months.


This dapper lad is Millard Jackson, presumably the father of the children in the first photograph above.


One of the most interesting photographs in the collection is this picture of Mray Iris Campbell, 15, wearing a dress that belonged to her great-grandmother Mary Anna (Potts) Rutter.  The look on her face suggests that 15 year-olds haven't changed much.


My personal favorite from the collection is this portrait of Nina B. Rutter at the age of 17.  It is one of the only photos in the collection that is dated, 1898.


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