Political Advertising

For much of the county’s historymost elected officials were Republican or WhigPrint media, pins, and banners were the most popular form of advertisement. As more people were granted the right to votecompetition between Republicans and Democrats increased in Montgomery CountyTo be innovative with their advertisements, candidates started passing out usable items like home goods and tee shirts to get more women and young people to voteToday, candidates spend large amounts of money on print, television, goods, and online advertisements to persuade people to vote for them. 

 local politics

From top left to right: "Vote Straight Republican" card, "Vote Joe Collins" magnet, Schwiker pin, Republican Committee ribon, 2 Dick Schweiker pins, Bean pin, Dick Schweiker pin


local politics 1

From top left to right: Coughlin for Congress potholder, 2 Republican Veterans Club ribbons, 1 Republican Invincibles ribbon, Democratic party pin, Vote Democratic pin, 3 Republican/G.O.P. pins


local politics 3

From top left to right: 2 Republican Invincibles ribbons, Republican Committeeman Montgomery County button, Vote Republican Straight Ticket button


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