Roadside Survivors: Historic Milestones on the old Turnpikes and Post Roads of the Northeast – by David H. LeRoy


BK198  |  $ 20.00

David LeRoy has been fascinated with historic milestones for over 40 years. He has collected images of over 400 milestones. This book depicts many colorful milestones and includes descriptions of all of the milestones in his collection. Include are pictures of milestones from the Germantown and Perkiomen Turnpike and the Perkiomen and Reading Turnpike.

Pennsylvania Folk Art of Samuel L. Plank

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BK046  |  $ 25.00

Pennsylvania Folk Art of Samuel L Plank artfully illustrates & introduces to the reader a little known individual who, through the normal course of his life, left a legacy of artifacts for us to conserve. The artwork he produced has reached a level of importance that recognizes the need for documentation & study.

Lest I shall be Forgotten, Anecdotes and traditions of Quilts – by Nancy & Donald Roan

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BK081  |  $ 15.00 

Features the best of the Goschenhoppen Quilt round up, 1990-1992.

So Bravely and So Well – The life and Art of William T. Trego by Jospeh P. Eckhardt

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BK159  |  $ 39.95

This book contains works of art from a painter who could barely hold a brush. He had to move his entire body to mix his colors. Yet William T. Trego (1858-1909) was a prize-winning artist with an international reputation, and his highly detailed and powerful battle scenes from the American Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War were widely exhibited and critically acclaimed during the late nineteenth century.