Index to the Bulletins & Sketches of the Historical Society of Montgomery County Pennsylvania from 1895 – 1995

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sku037 300wIf you are performing research this book will be a valuable reference tool for you. The index published in 1991 provides pointers to both the titles of the articles themselves as well as an index of persons whose names appear in the articles.

Published in March of 1991 this bound volume contains two indices.

Section 1 is a proper name index, which provides pointers to proper names that appears in the various articles. Section 2 is a key word index of the titles contained in the series.

The Historical Society began publishing the bulletins in 1895, producing 7 volumes between then and 1925. These are shown in the indices with roman numerals. In October 1936 they published biannually. Four to six issues were combined to form a volume. These volumes total 24 and are shown in the indices as Arabic numerals