Pastors & Patriots – The Muhlenberg Family of Pennsylvania - by Lisa Minardi


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This publication explores the history and material world of the Muhlenberg family, one of the most influential German-American families of all time.

The life of Adam Jacoby Slemmer…one strong voice of defiance – by A. M. Gambome

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This book recounts the life and deeds of Adam J. Slemmer from his birth in Frederick Township, Montgomery County to his heroic defense of Fort Pickens, at Pensacola Harbor, Florida during the Civil War to his service during the Indian Campaigns and his death at Fort Laramie, South Dakota.

Major-General John Frederick Hartranft – Citizen Soldier and Pennsylvania Statesman by A.M. Gambone

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Drawing on family records, the General’s letters and scrapbooks, contemporary accounts and secondary studies, A. M. Gambone has crafted a readable, accurate biography of this important Civil War leader and Pennsylvania Governor.

Winfield Scott Hancock – A Soldier’s Life – by David M. Jordan

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A biography of the life of Winfield Scott Hancock. David M. Jordan recounts Hancock’s tale with sympathy and verve, and brings Hancock superbly to life in our times.