Then & Now Norristown by Jack and Brian Coll


BK043  |  $ 21.99

Using historic Pictures, this volume recounts Norristown borough’s humble beginnings and documents the strength of the community.

Images of America – Norristown - by Michael Bono and Jack Coll


BK184  |  $ 21.99

This book offers a delightful flashback to the fascinating history of Norristown through vintage photographs from area residents and organizations.

Penn State Abington and The Ogontz School by Frank D. Quattrone


BK191  |  $ 21.99 

An illustrated history of 100 years of education at the campus, "Penn State Abington and the Ogontz School." This pictorial history traces the evolution from a private finishing school for affluent girls to an affordable public college that draws students from 17 states and 29 countries

History of Bridgeport, Pa 1851-1951 - by Edward Pinkowski


BK020  |  $ 1.00

An early history of Bridgeport printed 1951.

Images of Rail – Southeastern Pennsylvania Trolleys by Kenneth C. Springirth


BK193  |  $ 21.99 

Trolley cars linked the city of Philadelphia to the towns of southeastern Pennsylvania. Using historic photographs and route maps, this book traces history of the trolley cars and their routes.

Pennypacker Mills in Story and Song 

sku83 150w

BK083  |  $ 7.50 

Reprint of Samuel L. Pennypacker's 1902 history of Pennypacker's Mills. 

Images of America – Plymouth and Whitemarsh Townships by David R Contosta and Gail C. Momjian


BK192  |  $ 21.99 

The Images of America series celebrates the history of neighborhoods and towns across the country. Using Historic photographs, this history of Plymouth and Whitemarsh Townships captures the spirit of the people and the places that made Plymouth and Whitemarsh the towns they are today.

A Century of Serving in God’s World 1882-1982

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BK023  |  $ 15.00 

Compiled by Edward H. Bonekemper and published in December 1982, this book captures the history of Trinity Evangelical Church located at 100 West Main Street in Lansdale.  

Images of Modern America – Cruising in Montgomery and Berks Counties - by Tina M. Kissinger


BK186  |  $ 22.99 

Montgomery and Berks Counties have been central to the car industry for decades, employing residents of the cities and surrounding small towns. Today, longtime residents enjoy reminiscing their beloved cruising pastime, with many belonging to historical automotive clubs.

Edward “Ned” Hector – Revolutionary War Hero – Time Traveler – by Noah Lewis 

sku032 195h

BK032  |  $ 13.99 

Noah Lewis sets the opening of this story in a dull history class. It quickly turns into an adventure when Ned Hector rushes into a classroom and into the imagination and hearts of the students. The children learn through the eyes of Ned about their colonial past and how Black people contributed to their freedom.