Images of America – Valley Forge – By Stacey A. Swigart 

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Author Stacy A. Swigart has crafted a behind the scenes look at the founding and development of a national treasure: Valley Forge National Historic Park. In this book she shares the early-twentieth-century history of Valley Forge through nearly two hundred images, the majority of which are published for the first time.

Necessary Rules for Children in Pennsylvania Dutch Country - Edited by Paul Breon & Photographed by Tonya Wilhelm

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Mennonite schoolmaster Christopher Dock first published his “A Hundred Necessary Rules of Conduct for children in 1764. Instructing children on care of their belongings, behaving in public and how to stay awake in church. Edited by Paul Breon & Photographed by Tonya Wilhelm.

Images of America – Willow Grove Park – by The Old York Road Historical Society

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A pictorial history of the Willow Grove Park

Postcard History Series, Eastern Montgomery County Revisited by Andrew Mark Herman

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Eastern Montgomery County Revisited explores this scenic and historic area with rare postcards from 1905 to 1970 and is meant to be a companion to Eastern Montgomery County.

Images of Sports – Conshohocken and West Conshohocken Sports by Jack Coll

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Combining pictures and descriptions, Jack Coll captures the heart and spirit of sports in Conshohocken & West Conshohocken.

Then & Now Conshohocken by Jack and Brian Coll

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Using historic pictures, this volume explores the changes in the Conshohocken Pennsylvania community during more than one hundred fifty years of growth.

Images of Modern America – Elmwood Park Zoo by Stan Huskey

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Stan Huskey’s history of the Elmwood Park Zoo prompts a flood of memories and promises many future stories for the people who visit this landmark either in person or through his pictures.

Pastors & Patriots – The Muhlenberg Family of Pennsylvania - by Lisa Minardi


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This publication explores the history and material world of the Muhlenberg family, one of the most influential German-American families of all time.

Montgomery County – The Second Hundred Years (with a map supplement) - by Jean Barth Toll and Michael J. Schwager

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This two volume set edited by Jean Barth Toll and Michael J. Schwager was published in 1983. It continues the history of Montgomery County from Theodore W. Bean’s 1st history of Montgomery County.

Major-General John Frederick Hartranft – Citizen Soldier and Pennsylvania Statesman by A.M. Gambone

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Drawing on family records, the General’s letters and scrapbooks, contemporary accounts and secondary studies, A. M. Gambone has crafted a readable, accurate biography of this important Civil War leader and Pennsylvania Governor.