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2020 proved to be a historic year. The COVID-19 pandemic remains a focal point in most people's lives. However, the challenges of this pandemic were compounded by a barrage of other situations including, but not limited to, widespread financial stress, a surge in mental health challenges, protests calling for an end to racial injustice, and the Presidential Election.

We at HSMC recognize the historic events unfolding around us. To continue fulfilling our Mission to engage with the public to collect, preserve, and interpret the documents, artifacts, and stories that reflect the evolving mosaic that is our county, we are asking the community to share their stories to document the events that happened in the county during 2020.

Due to limited storage at HSMC, this project will be primarily digitally based. We are looking for things such as: photos, short videos, stories, and writing samples. These items will be made publicly available online so future researchers can have easy access. 

To participate in this project, please fill out a contact infromation form here. After you fill out the form, you will be given a link to HSMC's Dropbox where you can upload your digital files. Please name each file with the date of submission and your last name so our team can properly identify each submission.

If you have physical artifacts you are interested in donating to HSMC, please indicate so on the form and provide an email or phone number so our team can reach out to you. 

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Participate in the Project: Contact/Submission form - Hindsight 2020 Collection Project


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