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Dr. Ralph Linwood Johnson

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You may recall a recent blog about the accession of the Hophni Van Fossen Johnson portrait into our collection. You can read the old blog by clicking here.

Why am I bringing this portrait up again? Well, I have some exciting news! We are fortunate to add another member of the Johnson family to our portrait collection. The portrait of Dr. Ralph Linwood Johnson was recently donated to HSMC. Ralph was the youngest son of Hophni Van Fossen Johnson and Elizabeth Shrawder.

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Portrait of Dr. Ralph Linwood Johnson, 2023.061 HSMC Portrait Collection, Gift of the Johnson Family

Dr. Ralph Linwood Johnson was born on October 2, 1873 in Lower Providence Township, Montgomery County. He attended Ursinus College but had to occasionally interrupt his education with periods of teaching to help pay for tuition. As you may recall from the last blog about Hophni, the family struggled with finances for a while.

Ralph attended Ursinus on and off from 1889 until his graduation in June 1897. He obtained his master's in arts from Ursinus in June 1899. After college Ralph became a teacher and later a principal in West Conshohocken.


Dr. Johnson's Honorary Degree, 2023.061, Gift of the Johnson Family 

Along with the portrait, we also received his honorary doctorate from Ursinus College. It is written completely in Latin and printed on either thick paper or potentially animal skin. The degree states Anno Salutis MDCCCCXX, which I believe translates to "In the year of salvation 1920". So this honorary degree was bestowed upon him 21 years after he obtained his master's degree from Ursinus.

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