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1918 Flu Pandemic Project

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We have an exciting new resource to announce. Long-time volunteer and former Board President, Charles Kelly has worked on several projects for HSMC over the years. Some of you may have seen his work with Montgomery County Soldiers During World War I or his Capital Sin program.

He just released his latest project, which is now stored digitally at HSMC. Using death certificates, Charles compiled a list of people from Montgomery County, PA who died during the 1918 Flu Pandemic. There are 2108 names on the list. It lists their names, where they were born, where they died, what cemetery they are buried in, and other bits of information about the individual.


Many local cemeteries in our county are rumored to have sections where flu victims were buried, including our own Montgomery Cemetery. Some of these claims can be backed up and others have not yet been proven nor disproved, such as Montgomery Cemetery. 

Based on Charles' research, he believes at least two cemeteries have a designated area for 1918 flu victims. One is St. Matthew's Cemetery in Conshohocken. It is believed that flu victims were buried behind the mausoleum at that cemetery. The other cemetery is Riverside Cemetery in West Norriton. Based on his research, Charles thinks flu victims may be buried along the tree line toward the back of the cemetery between the community mausoleum and the Norriton Lawn.

1918 Flu Victims in Riverside

Charles' research can be accessed at HSMC via our computers. Our goal is to eventually find a way to transfer the data to an online friendly resource that can be accessed through our website.



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