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Major David Krause

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We have several items connected to military history at HSMC, including some uniforms and hats. One example is this military helmet with a number 11 on the front. On the inside of the helmet is a stamp that is marked "St. Nicholas Hotel No. 519 B-Way, Warnock & Co, New York".


Helmet, 1914.3266.001, HSMC Collection

This helmet belonged to Major David Krause, Jr.  He was born in 1840 and his father was a well-known judge and lawyer in the area. The number 11 on the helmet represents his service in the 11th Infantry of the US Army.

Krause was a Union Army Officer during the Civil War. He was first appointed to first Lieutenant in the 14th US Regular Infantry on May 14, 1861. He later served as a Quartermaster for the 2nd Battalion from June 1862 through July 1863. While in the 2nd Battalion, he saw action at the Battle of Gettysburg. He was promoted to Captain on July 31, 1863 and served in this role for the next 20 years.

helmet side

Helmet, 1914.3266.001, HSMC Collection

On April 2, 1883, Krause was promoted to Major of the 5th US Regular Infantry. His last transfer was to the 11th US Regular Infantry on May 17, 1883. Krause was stationed at Fort Sully, in the Dakota Territory, where he died on September 12, 1885. The cause of death was listed as paralysis of the heart, which was a result of severe frost bite.

Major Krause was brought back to Norristown and buried at Montgomery Cemetery on September 23, 1885. According to donor records, his pall bearers included well-known names such as: General Hartranft, B. F. Chain, Capt. R. T. Schall, Col. T.W. Bean, Joseph Fornance, and General J. H. Hobert.


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