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The history of Montgomery County politics is closely intertwined with the general history of politics in the United States. Local groups from our county participated in movements that helped to expand the franchise of voter rights and helped to make Pennsylvania a swing stateMontgomery County was also connected to state-wide political events such as the Buckshot War and the formation of the Pennsylvania State Police. As you view the exhibit, we invite you to ponder how these historic events relate to our modern-day politics.


Exhibit Table of Contents:


How do our elections work?

The Right to Vote

Right to Vote Timeline

Political Advertising

Pennsylvania, a Swing State

Gov. David R. Porter

Gov. Francis R. Shunk

Gov. John F. Hartranft

Gov. John C. Bell

Gov. Samuel W. Pennypacker

Gov. George Earle III

Gov. Milton Shapp

MontCo. Today

Who Are Your Elected Officials?