The Historical Society of Montgomery County club and society records collection, 1751-1991, consists of miscellaneous records from clubs, societies, associations, and social organizations in the vicinity of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Many different types of organizations are included in this collection, which is grouped into seven broad categories: Agricultural Associations, Charitable Groups, Civic Groups, Fraternal Societies, Horse Companies, Literary Societies, and Social Clubs. Minute books are the most common document type, but ledgers, membership records, correspondence, and many other types of records are also represented in the collection.


Montgomery County, situated in southeastern Pennsylvania, was established in 1784 out of the western portion of Philadelphia County. Part of the Welsh Tract, an area of Pennsylvania settled by Quakers from Wales, it is located along the Schuylkill River. Montgomery County has played an important role in U.S. history, including being the site of such Revolutionary War events as the dramatic reshaping of Washington's Army at Valley Forge and the lesser-known engagement of General Lafayette at Barren Hill. Among its significant residents are military figures Winfield S. Hancock, John F. Hartranft (also Governor of Pennsylvania), and Henry "Hap" Arnold; abolitionist Lucretia Mott; inventors David Rittenhouse and Thaddeus Lowe; and artist Thomas Hovenden. Since its founding, Montgomery County has experienced "booming industry and manufacturing, rich farm fields, advanced transportation, artistic endeavors and unique religious beliefs."


Quoted text from: Historical Society of Montgomery County. "Home." Accessed March 2, 2012.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of miscellaneous records from clubs, societies, associations, and social organizations in the vicinity of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. There is less than one linear foot of material, and sometimes less than an inch, for each of the organizations included in the collection. Organizations whose records span one linear foot or more are described in separate finding aids.
Many different types of organizations are included in this collection, which is grouped into seven broad categories: Agricultural Associations, Charitable Groups, Civic Groups, Fraternal Societies, Horse
Companies, Literary Societies, and Social Clubs. Minute books are the most common document type, but ledgers, membership records, correspondence, and many other types of records are also represented in the collection.

  • Agricultural Associations
    • Blue Bell Livestock Insurance Company minute book, 1855-1877
    • Eastern Pennsylvania Agricultural and Mechanical Society minute book
    • Fairview Village Creamery Association minutes, 1881-1901
    • Farmer's Creamery Association of Centre Point bills ledger (1881), minute books (2 volumes, 1901-1920)
    • Horsham Farmers' Club minute books 1887-1991
    • Jeffersonville Agricultural Society minute book
    • Montgomery County Agricultural Society minutes, records, and correspondence
  • Civic groups
    • Bridgeport Policemen ledger of signed oaths of allegiance, 1889-1890
    • Centre Square Fire Company memberships, 1913-1920
    • Centre Square Fire Company minute book, 1917
    • Chester Valley Temperance Union (1886-1889)
    • Conveyancers Association of Montgomery County laws and proceedings (1895)
    • Glenside Improvement Association records and notes, 1907-1909
    • Montgomery County Bar Association, miscellaneous pamphlets
    • Montgomery County Probation Association minute book, 1904-1914
    • Norristown Civic Club clippings and letters and minute book (1911-1925)
    • Norristown Clean-Up Week 1981 correspondence
    • Norristown Fire Company minute book (1815-1821),
    • Philip Markley for Bank of Montgomery County petition book, 1817-1819
    • Sons of Temperance account book (1845)
    • Upper Merion Board of Supervisors minute book, 1792-1913
    • Village Improvement Society of Jeffersonville financial secretary's book (1905-1912)
    • Women's Suffrage, miscellaneous, including minute book of the Norristown and Collegeville
    • Woman Suffrage Association (1905-1919)
  • Fraternal societies
    • Boy Scouts of America newspaper clippings
    • Camp #52, USWV minute book (1913)
    • Patriotic Orders Sons of America Washington Camp (post 523) ledger (1901-1946), and roll of officer of the POSA minute books (5 vols, 1901-1949)
    • St. George's Lodge 266
  • Horse companies
    • Centre Square Association for the Recovery of Stolen Horses and the Detection of Thieves, minute book
    • Centre Square Horse Company account book
    • Centre Square Horse Company minute book (1848-1881) and constitution,
    • Horse Society, Belmont Mansion, invitations and menus
    • Jefferson Express Horse Company minute books (2 volumes, 1877-1905)
    • Merion Horse Company register and cash book,
    • Montgomery County Horse Company notes, records, and newspaper clippings
    • Schuylkill Society for the Detection of Horse Thieves records
  • Literary societies and libraries
    • Agassiz Association minute book (1883-1890)
    • Chester Valley Social Lyceum (1856-1880)
    • Franklin Literary Society of Conshohocken
    • Gulph Mills Library accession books (3)
    • Gwynedd Literary Association constitution and minute books (1858-1860)
    • Gwynedd Literary Association minute books [2] (1858-1860)
    • Kulpsville Literary and Library Association, financial secretary's book, 1886
    • Kulpsville Literary Association constitution and by-laws (1861) and minute books (1861-1892)and financial secretary's book (1886-1891)
    • Literary Club of Norristown notes, records, and programs, 1908-1948
    • Literary Club of Norristown programs (1908-1982), index cards with books (circa 1976-1981)
    • Montgomery County libraries, miscellaneous records, charters, and notes
    • Montgomery County Library Company minutes
    • Norristown Reading Circle small photo album [undated] and two minute books (1923-1964)
    • Old Literary Society journal, "The Old Wreath," 1880-1883
    • Tredyffrin Literary Society (1869)
    • Union League of Norristown minute book (1863-1864)
    • Union Library list of subscribers 1854-1878, financial records 1940s, correspondence, 1940s, clippings 1940
    • Upper Merion Literary and Social Aid Society (1896-1899)
    • Upper Merion Literary Society minute book, 1907-1913
    • Whitpain Library Company record book (1818), catalog, record book (1817-1843), documents and records
    • Whitpain Library Company record book, 1830
  • Charitable groups
    • Aged Women's Home of Montgomery County notes and correspondence (1908-1983)
    • Army Aid Society letters, minutes, and correspondence (1861-1865)
    • Associated Charities minute books (1910-1949)
    • Associated Charities of Norristown minute book, 1908-1909
    • Mental Hygeine Society of Montgomery County papers (1948-1949)
    • Red Cross of Collegeville minute book (1917-1955)
    • Towamencin Township, poor and school minutes, 1751-1886
    • Tuberculosis-fundraising sales of Christmas seals in Conshohocken, ledger, 1919
    • Upper Merion poor board, 1755-1809
    • Upper Providence Mutual Relief Society notes and records (1884-1933)
    • Unidentified relief organization ledger, 1930s
    • Various social organizations, miscellaneous records
    • Washington Benevolent Society minute books (1841-1892)
    • Youth's Improvement Society (1839-1843)
  • Social clubs
    • Ersine Tennis Club board of directors (1889-1892)
    • Merion Square Cornet Band
    • Norristown Choral Society cashbook, 1910-1919
    • Norristown Gun Club minute book (1878-1885)
    • Norristown Jaycettes of Pennsylvania notes, correspondence, and dance memorabilia (circa 1969-1971)

Finding aid prepared by Celia Caust-Ellenbogen and Michael Gubicza through the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's Hidden Collections Initiative for Pennsylvania Small Archival Repositories