• Some Aspects of the Underground Railway in the Counties of Southeastern Pennsylvania, by Joseph Hutchinson Smith
    This is a detailed work of the genuine support by a large group of people to the activities of the Underground Railway. It eloquently surveys the record of this fantastic travel system. 17pp.
  • A brief History and Interpretation of Pennsylvania German Illuminated Writings (“Fractur-Schriften”), by Lester K. Kriebel
    This subject is one of the greater cultural and religious interest. Pennsylvania German Illuminated Writings has received much abuse from writers and speakers as discussed in the article. 12pp.
  • Historical Gleanings South of the Schuylkill---II. Surveys and Boundaries, by Charles R. Barker
    This is a discussion of the historical landmarks beginning at the extreme eastern end of the Manor of Mount Joy, and extending down Schuylkill to West Manayunk. (1684-1842) 9pp.
  • Early Pennsylvania Clocks and Their Makers, by Fred C. Sweinhart
    This is a study of early Pennsylvania clocks. They are the creation of a small number of craftsmen in most cases working alone or with an apprentice in private residences or small shops. 11pp.
  • The Richards (Reichert) Family of Montgomery County, by Captain H. M. M. Richards
    This piece discusses one of the oldest families in Montgomery County from 1679 – 1920. This family proves to be of some interest and to be of some genealogical value. 11pp.
  • Bible Records (continued)
  • Reports