• Our Society – Some Milestones in Its Sixty Years, by Mrs. A. Conrad Jones
    This paper describes major events of the Historical Society over a sixty year period. Membership was increasing in the distant parts of the county such as Pottstown, Pennsburg and Hatboro. 9pp.
  • Pennsylvania-Dutch Furniture, by Felix Reichmann
    This piece focuses on the evolution of Pennsylvania-Dutch furniture. The newcomers from the European continent, the Swedes and the folk form the German and Swiss woodlands made a great contribution to American architecture. 1pp.
  • History of Public Education in Norristown, by Paul M. Shellenberger
    This is an in depth history of the public education system in Norristown. The first mention of a school in the vicinity of Norristown was in 1733. 47pp.
  • Friendly Fireplaces, by Anna Lovell Knipe
    This is a paper reflects on the original use of the fireplace and how it was originally the very basis of home life. The open fire symbolizes warmth, good cheer, and comradeship. 9pp.
  • Burial Places of the Soldiers at Valley Forge, by William M. Stephens
    This article is a brief account of the soldiers’ burial places at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777 and 1778. It describes as to how the burial location of 600 was discovered. 3pp.
  • Bible Records (concluded)
  • Reports