• Chester Preston Cook
  • The Old Faust Tannery and Sidelights on the Life of Alvin D. Faust, by Alvin B. Faust
    This piece describes how the Faust Tannery was created in 1790 on the south side of Bethlehem Pike. Its growth and development is documented as it traded ownership through many years. 9pp.
  • Extracts from the Diaries of Susan W. Yerkes, by Bertha S. Harry
    This article consists of diary entries of Susan W. Yerkes. The extracts cover the years 1853 through1855 with no twelve years of no records, and continuing from 1866 through 1882. 21pp.
  • Thomas Hovenden, Montgomery County Artist, by Walter A. Knerr
    This article details life of artist Thomas Hevenden who returned to America in 1881and was married in Presbyterian Parsonage in Norristown. His famous works of art are discussed as he is described as the greatest figure painter on American Art. 11pp.
  • History of Public Education in Norristown (Conclusion ), by Paul M. Shellenberger
    This piece provides great insight in to the evolution of Public Education in Norristown including the establishment Private Schools, Junior High Schools, secondary schools and the modern school system. (1904-1934) 48pp.
  • Pennsylvania Clockmakers, by John Conrad
    John Conrad an expert on grandfather clocks, has furnished a partial list of names of which he has repaired. 2pp.
  • Reports