• Emily Krause Preston; 1875-1942
  • Frances Macomb Fox
  • Colonial Land Tenure in Hatboro and Vicinity, by Charles Harper Smith
    This article describes “Hatboro and Vicinity” as the borough and adjacent portions of Upper Moreland that formed a vast tract of land known as the Manor of Moreland during the 18th century. 47pp.
  • Pilgrimage to Old Trappe Church, by Franklin A. Stickler, Chairman
    This piece details in depth the Muhlenberg Bi-centenary Program created to pay honor to the Muhlenberg family, one of the most distinguished in Montgomery County. 18 pp.
    • Lutheran Church’s Contribution to Moral and Spiritual Life (Franklin A. Stickler)
    • Federick Augustus Muhlenberg (Hon. Harold G. Knight)
    • Gen. Peter Muhlenberg (Franklin A. Stickler)
    • Tribute to Chester P. Cook (S. Cameron Corson)
    • Chester Preston Cook (Franklin A. Stickler)
  • Charles Heber Clark, by Frederic L. Clark, Esq.
    This article discusses Charles Heber Clark, his affection for Conshohocken and Montgomery County, and his appreciation of men for what they were and not their material possessions or positions they held. 15pp.
  • Marriages Recorded on Germantown-Inscribed Tombstones in Montgomery Co., Pa., Copied and Translated by Anita L. Eyster
  • Reports