• Washington’s Movements Around Philadelphia, 1777-78, by Douglas Macfarlan, M.D.
    This article describes the day-by-day movements of the army around the Philadelphia area. Distances and difficulties are communicated from July 31, 1777 through June 22, 1778. 14pp.
  • Legal Lotteries in Early Pennsylvania, by David E. Groshens, Esq.
    This paper focuses on the statutes associated with the creation and implementation of lotteries. It continues to explain the social, moral and religious aspects as revealed by legislature. 18pp.
  • The Sower Bible, by Albert M. Sower
    This piece portrays the lives and characters of the men in the review and printing the first Bible in America. This was completed in a European tongue and the reasons that influenced these men are impressive. 6pp.
  • Adolf Muller, by Franklin A. Stickler
    This article discusses a man who made life happier who saw the blossoming flower and tree in the tiny seed. He was a leader who by the work of his hands made his dreams into realities. 8pp.
  • Marriages Recorded on German-Inscribed Tombstones in Montgomery County, Pa (concluded), by Anita L. Eyster
    This list includes marriages from March 28, 1759 – March 22, 1814.
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