• Gulielma Maria Penn’s Manor of Springfield, by Horace Mather Lippincott
    This article discusses Springfield Township and one of the six (6) manors retained by Penn when he planned the settlement of his province, and was given to his first wife. 13pp.
  • When Montgomery County Mourned the Death of Lincoln, by Kirke Bryan, Esq.
    This piece focuses on the period just after Easter in 1865. Montgomery County as well as elsewhere, mourned the death of Lincoln longer than a few weeks. Lincoln’s loss was mourned for years after his tragic death. 15pp.
  • Two Centuries of Papermaking at Miquon, Pennsylvania, by Rudolf P. Hommel
    This is a discussion about the papermaking history and the first paper mill to have been erected in America. It was built in 1690 by William Rittenhouse on Papermill Run. 16pp.
  • Antiques Iron Works and Machines of the Water Power Age, by George Winterhalter Schultz
    This paper is a reprint in a revised form of George Winterhalter Schultz’s paper printed as a private limited publication in 1927. It describes how abandoned iron works were searched for tons of old charcoal iron and utilized for good intent. 20pp.
  • History of Whitpain Township (continued), by Clara A. Beck
    This article contains details of Whitpain Township which includes information including Camp Whitpain Army Life, Last Days in Camp Whitman and Petition From Camp Whitpain. 16pp.
  • Neighborhood News and Notices (continued)
    This is a summary of news articles from March 12, 1801 through April 7, 1808. 8
  • Reports