• Heraldry and Seals of Montgomery County, by Eugene A. Cox
    This article describes how heraldry, coats of arms, seals, and flags were somehow connected with the governing of any country and a pride of family. It includes seals and heraldry native to Montgomery County. 14pp.
  • Gulph Mills and Rebel Hill, by Mrs. A. Irvin Supplee
    This piece discusses some of the most attractive regions in Montgomery county known as Gulph Mills and Rebel Hill. In early times the hills where the Gulph Creek flows became a natural course of travel. 7pp.
  • Hilltown Glass Works (A Preliminary Report), by Rudolph P. Hommel
    This article describes the discovery of a glasshouse in Hilltown Township, Bucks County, PA. It was identified by information revealed by a tax list entry for 1781. 5pp.
  • The First Piano in Norristown
    This is a short piece that describes one of the first pianos Norristown. 1pp.
  • The History of Mooreland from its First Purchase and Settlement To the Present Time, by William J. Buck
    This is an in depth discussion of how a tract of land consisting of 9815 acres in Philadelphia County became Moreland and all the details associated with its development. (1684-1850) 52pp.
  • On the Trail of the First Christmas Tree, by Rudolph P. Hommel
    This pieces is focused on when the first tree was lighted in our country to celebrate Christmas. Several cities are identified as this became a tradition. 4pp.
  • Librarian’s Report, by Rudolph P. Hommel
  • Spring Meeting, April 22, 1947, by Eva G. Davis
  • Report on Membership, by Helen E. Richards