• Montgomery County’s Greatest Lady; Lucretia Mott, by Homer T. Rosenberger, PH.D.
    This article pays great tribute to a grand lady of Montgomery County. She had ideas that were ahead of her time, had the courage to do the things she thought that she should do and was self-sacrificing. 82pp.
  • The Second Troop, Montgomery County Calvary, by Rudolf P. Hommel
    This piece discusses how differences in political views led to conflict among the members of The Cavalry Battalion of Montgomery County. This resulted in the formation of a second troop of the battalion. 5pp.
  • The Naming of Obelisk
    This is a short essay describing how a little village in Upper Frederick township. 2pp.
  • Librarian’s Report, by Rudolf P. Hommel
  • Fall Meeting, November 15, 1947, by Eva G. Davis
  • Annual Meeting, February 23, 1948, by Eva G. Davis
  • Report on Membership, by Helen E. Richards