• In Memoriam : Simon Cameron Corson, by Franklin A. Stickler
    This is a tribute to an active member of the Society for many years and was elected an Honorary Life Member in recognition of his valuable services. 3pp.
  • The Charcoal Industry in the Perkiomen Valley, by Alfred Gemmell
    This is a detailed study of charcoal and ironworks industry in the area. Pennsylvania was eighth of the thirteen original colonies.
    • Iron Plantations on the Perkiomen
      • Green Lane Forge (1733-1849)
      • Green Lane Furnace (1836-1843)
      • Mount Pleasant Furnace (1737-1796) ?
    • The Mount Pleasant Forges
      • The Lower Forge (1743-1864)
      • The Upper Mount Pleasant Forge (1779-1869)
      • Hereford Furnace (1745-1768)
      • Salford Forge (1768-1810)
      • Dale Iron Works (1791-1822)
      • Hampton Furnace (Later Sigmund) (1809-1869)
      • Durs Forge (APPROX. 1734-1890) 72pp.
  • Side Lights on a Family Tree, by Thomas Warnock Bigoney, Catherine Morris Bigoney
    This article describes the establishment of homes, churches, arts and crafts of the German and French Huguenot pioneers within the local area close to central Philadelphia. They brought culture, hard work and faith of their moral principles. 15pp.
  • Reports