• Detective Work Among the Benners, by Hannah Benner Roach
    This piece is a study of Benner families who lived in Bucks, Chester and Montgomery Counties and also in the city of Philadelphia. In many cases the various separate Benner lines lived within close proximity of the other, required an extensive study of old deeds and records to distinguish between the families. 29 pp.
  • Primitive Railroading Over a Century Ago, by G. Winterhalter Schultz
    This article discusses the development of the steam railroadas a means of transportation. It was first built from Philadelphia to the nearest large settlement, Germantown, 6 miles away. 8pp.
  • Seeing Ourselves as Others Saw Us in Pennsylvania A Hundred Years Ago, by Elmer Schultz Gerhard
    This piece recounts revealing literature with many episodes and historical incidents that were not recorded anywhere in history. The majority of the travel writers deal gently with our faults. 21pp.
  • Old Shaving Mugs, by Mrs. Harold G. Knight
    This is a short essay describing the introduction of shaving mugs between 1860 and 1870. 4pp.
  • Index to the Goshenhoppen Church Records, by Kenneth H. Hallman
    This is a detailed index of:
    • The New Goshenhoppen Church (1731-1832)
    • The Old Goshenhoppen Church (1764-1833)
    • Montgomery County and of the Great Swamp Church (1736-1833) 27pp.
  • Reports