• Introduction
  • In Memoriam: Thomas R. Beeber, Annie Jarrett Reed, William M. Gearhart
  • Montgomery Square and Its Traditions, by Chauncey B. Knapp
    This article discusses the early history of Montgomery Square including the early settlers, businesses, schools and the unsolved mystery of Henry Weaver. It includes colonial times through mid-19th century. 5pp.
  • A Few Remarks Relating to Belmont Driving Park, by Milton R. Yerkes
    This piece describes Belmont Driving Park, a race horse track located in Lower Merion opened in 1876. The rules and regulations of the Belmont Driving Club are included. 5pp.
  • Sampler-Lore, by Laura Riegel Cook
    This article discusses the history of samplers beginning in 1650 through 1880 including how they were made and the materials used. 8pp.
  • Glass Paper-Weights and What-Not, by Mrs. William F. Moyer
    This article explains paper weights, their ornamental beauty and useful purposes. 8pp.
  • Backed Against the Hundred Miles Hills- The Spirit of Pennsylvania, by Irvin P. Knipe
    This article describes Washington leading the Continentals from Gulph Road to Valley Forge, PA in December 1777 and the spirit of Pennsylvania. 7 1/2pp.
  • Reports