• S. Gordon Smyth, by Edward W. Hocker
    This is an article about S. Gordon Smyth, president of the Historical Society of Montgomery County from 1921 until 1923 and his accomplishments. 4pp.
  • Joseph Price and His Diary, 1788-1810, by Charles R. Barker
    This article discusses Joseph Price and his diary entries from 1788-1810 during the post-Revolutionary period. Included are extracts from the diary. 11 1/2pp.
  • Hon. Josiah S. Pearce, of Athens-ville (Ardmore), Pennsylvania, by Luther C. Parsons
    The life and accomplishments of Hon. Josiah S. Pearce are discussed including a copy of his will as filed in Norristown. 7pp.
  • Washington in Lower Merion, by Chester P. Cook
    This article portrays George Washington’s march in Lower Merion in 1777. 7pp.
  • Clockmakers, in Pennsylvania, of the 18th and 19th Centuries, by Sylvester H. Orr
    This piece discusses the early days of clock-making types, mechanisms, and the industry itself. 5pp.
  • Going to School Eighty Years Ago, by Henry H. Fetterolf
    This article describes attending the eight-cornered school house midway between Rahns and Limerick in 1845. 3pp.
  • American Firearms from Early Colonial Days, by Dr. Thomas B. Snyder
    This piece discusses the history of firearms beginning in 1375. 3pp.
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