• The Hill School, by Dr. James I. Wendell
    This article details the history of a great institution over a period of a hundred years. It enables one an opportunity to focus on the lives of those who built the school and made what it is today with forceful and inspired leadership. 19pp.
  • Early History of Lower Pottsgrove Township, by Rev. Carl T. Smith
    This is a recount of the development of “The German Tract” of the Frankfort Company into what is known today as Pottstown. 10pp.
  • Henry S. Landes, by Jane Keplinger Burris
    This is a brief piece that embraces the accomplishments of a prominent man who excelled in the civic, historical and social affairs of his community. 2pp.
  • Deaths in the Skippack Region, by Hannah Benner Roach
    Continued from Volume 8, Number 1, October, 1951, This is a list of deaths in the Skippack area from February 12, 1805 – December 1814 15pp.
  • Early Land Transactions of Montgomery County, by Charles R. Barker
    Continued from Volume 8, Number 1, October, 1951. This article documents land transactions from 1690 - 1699. 13pp.
  • Neighborhood News and Notices
    Continued from Volume 6, Number 4, April, 1949. Articles compiled from January 1, 1819 – October 8, 1822. 12pp.
  • First Sunday School in Norristown, by Rudolf P. Hommel
    This is a description how the organization of the First Sunday School Society in 1796 spread to Norristown in 1817. 3pp.