• Early History of Lower Pottsgrove Township, by Rev. Carl T. Smith
    Continued from Volume 8, Number 4, October 1952; This is a recount of the development of “The Hanover Plantation” 600 acres which included the mouth of Sprogell’s Run and the “Hook” on the Schuylkill River into what is known today as Pottstown. Also included are the Peter Rodermel Tract, The Moses Hayman Tract, The John Ashbraugh Tract and The Samuel Musselman Tract. 13pp.
  • Detective Work Among the Benners, by Hannah Benner Roach
    Continued from Volume 8, Number 3, October 1952; This piece is a study of Benner families who lived in Bucks, Chester and Montgomery Counties and also in the city of Philadelphia. In many cases the various separate Benner lines lived within close proximity of the other, required an extensive study of old deeds and records to distinguish between the families. 29pp.
  • Reports