• From Our Exhibits – The Stiegel Stove, by Jane Keplinger Burris
    This is a brief description of the Stiegel Stove which resides in the society’s collection. 2pp.
  • America’s First Ghost?, by Andrew S. Berky
    This is a story of ghost encounters with Frederick Reimer’s death being the last incident of the ghost encounters. 10pp.
  • Sketch of Livesey Family, by Helen Corson Livesey
    This article details relatives of the family from 1770 to 1935 in the Plymouth, Whitemarsh and Lower Merion areas. 4pp.
  • Lumber and Its By-Products, by Earl J. Heydinger
    This piece is from a Thesis entitled “Transportation on the Schuylkill River before 1825”. 15 pp.
  • Deaths in the Skippack Region
    Continued from Volume 9, Number 4, April, 1955; This is a list of deaths in the Skippack area from March 23, 1831 – March 22, 1835. 15pp.
  • Early Land Transactions of Montgomery County
    Continued from Volume 9, Number 2, April, 1954; This article documents land transacctions from April 20, 1708 to November 5, 1709. 9pp.
  • New Light on Pottstown’s Birth, by Rev. Carl T. Smith

    This is a brief article describing evidence that the Pottstown B-Centennial celebration happened a decade before its time. 1pp.
  • Reports