• Conserving the Past, by Dr. H.M.J. Klein
    This piece discusses the purpose of the Historical Society of Montgomery County in preserving the most worthy personalities, deeds, memories and traditions of the area. 5 pp.
  • Our Place Among Historical Societies, by Donald A. Gallager, Esq.
    This is an essay describing the development of The Historical Society of Montgomery County from its birth in 1881 to the completion of the new building in 1954. 3pp.
  • Reminiscences, by Mrs. A. Conrad Jones
    This article briefly shares observations from the seventy-fifth anniversary of The Montgomery County Historical Society. 2pp.
  • First Minutes of The Historical Society of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
    The first minutes taken from the Arbitration Room in the Norristown, PA Court House February 22, 1881. 2 pp.
  • The Andrew Morgan Tannery, by Joseph Shrawder
    This article details the one of the oldest arts of mankind, tanning and is based on memories of the tannery around 1885. 17pp.
  • Deaths in the Skippack Region
    Continued from Volume 10, Number 1, October, 1955. This is a list of Skippack deaths from April 12, 1835 – May 17, 1837 14pp.
  • Providence (Reprinted), by F.G Hobson, Esq.
    This is the first in a series of sketches detailing the history of Providence Township. The author shares facts found here and there that may be of interest and can serve as an outline for a future historian to complete. 31pp.
  • Reports
  • Committees