• In Memoriam, Mary Bean Jones
    A memorium of one of the first founders and first president of The Historical Society of Montgomery County. 1pp.
  • In Memoriam, Norris Delaplaine Wright
    A memorium of a trustee of The Historical Society for thirteen years as well as a director of the Valley Forge Park Commission. 1pp.
  • The Changing Law, by Hon. Harold G. Knight
    This article discusses a number of significant changes in the statute law and administration of justice in Montgomery County over a period of thirty two years. 6pp.
  • The Poetry of the American Revolution, by John Joseph Stoudt
    This is an article consisting of poems and their translations of the American Revolution. Revolutionary verse was written in the heat of controversy and aimed at non-literary results. 15pp.
  • Descendants of Peter Conver, by Marie D. Allen
    This piece details the descendants of Peter Conver of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Other variants of this surname are Conveare, Confer, Kumfort, etc. 5pp.
  • Glimpses of Lower Merion History, by Charles R. Barker
    This article touches on Indian, Dutchman and Swede, a little about the foundation of Pennsylvania and a series of historical sketches. 20pp.
  • Deaths in the Skippack Region
    Continued from Volume 10, Number 3, October 1956. This is a list of Skippack deaths from December 21, 1839 – March 8, 1842. 14pp.
  • Neighborhood News and Notices
    Continued from Volume 8, Number 2, April 1952. Articles compiled from April 28, 1826 – October 23, 1827. 8pp.
  • Nineteenth Century Real Estate Offerings
    Continued from Volume 8, Number 4, April 1953. Real Estate listings from from October 24, 1815 – October 3, 1820. 11pp.
  • Reports