• The Delaware Valley – An Historical Appreciation, by Dr. John A. Munroe
    This article describes three waterways; the Hudson, the Delaware, and the Chesapeake that are close to each other and form the middle Atlantic region of this country. 15pp.
  • A Writer Looks at the Historical Society of Montgomery County, by Kensil Bell
    This piece reflects the author’s love of history and his experience of being acquainted with the Society. 15pp.
  • Deaths in the Skippack Region
    Continued from Volume 11, Number 2, Spring 1959. This is a list of Skippack deaths from January 4, 1842 – December 11, 1848. 14pp.
  • Glimpses of Lower Merion History, by Charles R. Barker
    Continued from Volume 11, Number 2, Spring 1958. This is the second sketch of the series focusing on the arrival of the Irish Friends, who followed William Penn into Pennsylvania in addition to the English and the Welsh. 33pp.
  • Reports