• Fire, Flint and Fulminate, by Silas H. Shoemaker
    This article describes many types of guns and how they are similar in that all that they have one common element. 8pp.
  • William Briggs, Gunmaker of Norristown, by Matthew D’Ambrosio
    This essay describes the gun maker of Norristown. 3pp.
  • A Muhlenberg Manuscript
    This article is the translation of an extract from an old book in the form of a report on the years 1759-1771. It was located in the possession of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in 1952. 16pp.
  • Pioneer in Higher Education, by Joseph W. Hunsicker, Esq.
    This article focuses on Henry Prizer and his impact on the growth of higher education in the area. 8pp.
  • Deaths in the Skippack Region
    Continued from Volume 11, Number 3, Fall, 1958. This is a list of Skippack deaths from December 27, 1843 – September 30, 1845. 10pp.
  • Nineteenth Century Real Estate Offerings
    Continued from Volume 11, Number 2, Spring, 1958. This period documents a large turn-over of properties in northeastern Montgomery County from October 13, 1820 – October 13, 1821 8pp.
  • Neighborhood News and Notices
    Continued from Volume 11, Number 2, Spring, 1958. Articles compiled from January 2, 1828 – December 25, 1829. 10pp.
  • Death Notices from Newspapers
    Continued from Volume 5, Number 3, October, 1946, Death notices from September 5, 1822 – December 18, 1829. 10pp.
  • A Journey in 1827
    This essay details Daniel Wentz and John Fetter’s trip from Norristown to the Lehigh Valley. 3pp.
  • Reports