• Montgomery County History, by Edward W. Hocker
    This is a reprint of Montgomery County history which was published in the BULLETIN Volume XII, Fall 1956 – Spring 1961 in four separate articles. Permission was granted by the Times Herald to preserve this valuable information in a more permanent format than newspaper.
    • I The States’s 15th County Established 10pp.
    • II Two Revolts Suppressed 7 1/2pp.
    • III Political Issues of the 1790’s 4pp.
    • IV First Churches and Schools 6pp.
    • V Glimpses of Early Celebrities 5pp.
    • VI The First Turnpikes 4 1/2pp.
    • VII The First Borough 3 1/2pp.
    • VIII The War of 1812 3 1/2pp
    • IX Improvements Along the Schuylkill **pages 53 – 57 torn from Volume 12
    • X Religious Controversies 6 1/2pp.
    • X Patriotic Commemorations 1 1/2pp.
  • Reports