• Montgomery County History, by Edward W. Hocker, continued
    Continued from Volume 12, Number 1, Fall, 1959. This is a reprint of Montgomery County history which was published in the BULLETIN Volume XII, Fall 1956 – Spring 1961 in four separate articles. Permission was granted by the Times Herald to preserve this valuable information in a more permanent format than newspaper.
    • XII Cholera and Medical Methods 2pp.
    • XIII Building the First Railroads 10 1/2pp.
    • XIV Industrial Progress 10pp
    • XV Social and Civic Movements 8pp.
    • XVI Seminaries, Academies and Public Schools 6 1/2pp.
    • XVII New Religious Efforts 8 1/2pp.
    • XVIII Public Improvements 7 1/2pp.
    • XIX Mid-Century Politics 6pp.
    • XX Military Companies 4pp.
  • In Memoriam
  • Reports