• The Lives and Interests of Isaac Norris – I and II, by William T. Parsons
    This article is about a father and son combination who were very important in the political and economic life of the province. 19pp.
  • Christopher Dock, Early American School Master, by Robert G. Hunsicker
    This piece discusses Christopher Dock’s philosophy of education and methods employed in his schools. His schools in eastern Pennsylvania were very influential their communities. 22pp.
  • New Light on the Gravestone of Christopher Dock, by Robert G. Hunsicker
    This is a short article discussing a new discovery on this gravestone. 2pp.
  • Montgomery County’s “Bivouac of the Dead”, by John F. Reed
    This article focuses on the Montgomery County men that contributed to the honor-rolls of the Civil War. These men made the town, hills and fields more treasured and their blood shed was for all of us. 16pp.
  • Reports