• Mark Mintzer, Revolutionary War Patriot, by James Elverson Hough
    This piece discusses the life of Mark Mintzer born in Switzerland in 1709 and the family arrived in Philadelphia in 1720. 10pp.
  • Genealogy of Mark Mintzer, by James Elverson Hough
    This is a detailed genealogy from 1709 – 1951. 39pp.
  • The Beginning of the Mintzer Family in Montgomery County, by Jane Keplinger Burris
    This is a brief essay describing the early years for the family in Montgomery County. 2pp.
  • A Teacher: Inspiration and Legend, by Elizabeth Brett White
    This article discusses both the characteristics and accomplishments of Professor Hiram Corsn, L.L.D. (1828-1911). 5pp.
  • Notes and Documents on the Sesquicentennial of Norristown as a Borough 1812-1962, by William. T. Parsons
    This piece consists of notes and documents of Norristown from 1812-1962. 33pp.
  • Reports