• Hancock at Gettysburg, by Glenn Tucker
    This piece focuses on the principal contributions to Union victory that marked Hancock as a great soldier. Most all of his contributions are well established and uncontested. 25pp.
  • Real Estate Transaction, Anno 1718, by John F. Reed
    This article discusses the deed process and their history of some powerful people during this period. It leads up to and includes the Indenture made on March 5, 1718. 10pp.
  • Recollections of the War, by Charles A. C. Lear
    This article is a memoir of the Civil War as remembered by a participant thirty years later. It first appeared in the Norristown Weekly Times Herald in nine installments from September 21 to December 7, 1891. 26pp.
  • Neighborhood News and Notices, by Charles R. Barker
    Continued from Volume 13, Number 3, Fall, 1962; This piece contains selections from the Philadelphia Public Ledger July 31, 1848 – December 30, 1853. 14pp.
  • Reports
  • Constitution and Membership
    This article is a description of the Revolutionary Campaign in the vicinity of Philadelphia and focuses primarily in Montgomery County. The information is compiled from actual letters and documents from the author’s private collection. 18pp.