• The Revolution in Relation to Montgomery County, by John F. Reed
    This article is a description of the Revolutionary Campaign in the vicinity of Philadelphia and focuses primarily in Montgomery County. The information is compiled from actual letters and documents from the author’s private collection. 18pp.
  • Private Yankee Doodle in Montgomery County, by Joseph Plumb Martin & Edited by George F. Scheer
    This piece consists of selections of the original Private Yankee Doodle published by Little, Brown and Company, Boston, MA. Copyright 1963, George F. Scheer. Sections from the original include pages 71-80; 98-105; 112-113; 117-122; 284-286. 19pp.
  • Life on the Farm a Century Ago, by Elizabeth A. Slough Garber
    This article discusses the hardships of living one hundred years ago on about one hundred acres of land where game was plentiful, This was a very busy place where everything had to be done by hand and there was no easy way to do things. 17pp.
  • A Slough Family Sale
    This is a public sale notice from the Norristown Register, September 17, 1884. 1/2pp.
  • Just Memories, by Elizabeth A. Slough Garber
    In January 1956, the author documents fond memories of her life. 8pp.
  • The Gulph Grist Mill, by Charles S. Boyer
    The history of the mill is discussed in this brief article. It was built in 1747 by Joseph Williams who owned the land at that time. 3pp.
  • In Memoriam
    Herbert Harlan Gasner August 10, 1873 – August 19, 1963, 1pp.
  • Reports