• Editorials
  • The Trappe Neighbors of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg as Mentioned in His Journals, Vol. III, 1777 – 1787, by Margaret Hocker Hoover
    This article discusses the neighbors of Mr. Muhlenberg as written by him including many names on mail boxes today are the same as the names recorded by Pastor Muhlenberg. 22 pp.
  • Traitors by Choice or Chance, by Ellwood C. Parry, Jr.
    Part 1 0f 2 - This piece discusses the attempts of historians to determine factors responsible for dividing the colonists into Whigs and Tories in America’s first civil war. 26 ½ pp.
  • The United States Census of 1850, Montgomery County, Edited by Jane K. Burris
    • Horsham Township – 18 pp.
    • Pottstown, Borough of – 22 pp.
    • Worcester Township – 20 pp.
  • Reports