• Editorial
  • Traitors by Choice or Chance (concluded), by Ellwood C. Parry, Jr. Part 2 of 2
    This piece discusses the attempts of historians to determine factors responsible for dividing the colonists into Whigs and Tories in America’s first civil war. 24 ½ pp.
  • A Palatine Boor, A Short Comprehensive History of the Life of Christopher Sauer I, by Herbert Harley
    This article explores the life of a clockmaker, well known publisher and printer of Germantown whose efforts to share knowledge among his countrymen create a glowing part in the history of Pennsylvania Germans. 12 pp.
  • Benjamin Eastburn, by John F. Reed
    This is an article that details the life of the Surveyor-General associated with Upper Merion Township and Montgomery County. 15 ½ pp.
  • The United States Census of 1850, Montgomery County, Edited by Jane K. Burris
    • New Hanover Township – 20 pp.
    • Whitemarsh Township – 32 ¼ pp.
  • Reports