• Lost Township of Montgomery County, by Charles R. Barker
    This paper considers “Lost Townships” of which are included: Manors, Townships and Regional Names of areas within Montgomery County. 17pp.
  • Swedish Activities in America, by Rev. Abram C.F. Ottey
    The majority of this article focuses on the story of the founding of the first permanent settlement on the Delaware River banks including the accomplishments of the Swedish colony in America. 11pp.
  • Horsham Men in the Revolution (Conclusion), by Charles Harper Smith
    This paper contains the alphabetical list of the names of all Horsham men with a Revolutionary record. Also included are the names of a few men who lived in the township before or after the war. 15pp.
  • Charles Major
    This is the obituary of a valued friend and generous contributor of the Montgomery County Historical Society. 1 pp.
  • Reports