• The Golden Ball Tavern, by Charles Harper Smith
    This article takes you through the history of the inn at Davis Grove (aka Golden Ball Tavern) which served as a place of public entertainment for more than a century. It still remains one of the most dignified Colonial buildings in the township. 6pp.
  • Valley Forge, by Ella Slingluff
    In this article the author tells us about “the country was preserved through the inspiration of that Valley Forge winter”. 4pp.
  • Providence’s Part in Provisioning the Camp at Valley Forge, by Rev. J. G. Francis, A.B., B.D.
    Supplies and subsistence furnished by the Providence people at Valley Forge is discussed in vast detail. 19pp.
  • Samuel F. Jarrett, by Dr. W. H. Reed
    This is an in depth article about the life of a well- known active and progressive citizen and farmer. He was the first life time member of the historical Society of Montgomery County (1825-1917) 40pp.
  • Early American Currency, by George W. Norris
    This discussion focuses on early currency from coins to the first recorded use of paper money in the U.S. in 1690 and beyond. 9 pp.
  • The History of Hope Lodge, by William L. Degn
    This is a brief description of Hope lodge and the inhabitants from its building in 1721 through the present. 3 pp.
  • Bible Records
  • Reports